What Inspires You?

I am inspired when I see someone obey God.

Today a faith sister of mine will donate her kidney at the Mayo Health System in Rochester MN. It all started when a mutual friend of ours at church needed one. Several individuals stepped forward, willing to give. My friend Mary was one of those people, but her kidney was not a perfect match and neither were the others.

After Mary went through the screening process and discovered she was not able to donate a kidney to our friend, she still felt God nudging her to give. She waited and prayed and today, Mary will lie on an operating table for three hours and donate a kidney to someone she has never met.

When Mary decided to participate in the organ donation program, our friend from church was placed at the top of the list to receive a kidney. A perfect match was found for her and today she will lie on a table for an hour and a half to receive a kidney, not from Mary, but from a donor in Arizona.

My two friends will forever be changed and blessed because of what is occurring right now as I post this blog. One will give a kidney to an unknown person and one will receive a kidney from an unknown person. However, two recipients and two donors will be involved in the process and I can’t stop thinking about the ripples reaching many families and into eternity because of the obedience of two donors.

Now, that inspires me!!

organ donation

Here is an email I sent to my friend, Mary, last week:

Dear Mary,

What happens when a woman obeys God? Well, she might go to a garbage dump in Mexico and minister to poor families, rescue women who are pawns of evil men, or write a big check for an orphanage in Africa.

Nevertheless, some women, like you, choose to say “yes” to God right in their own families and communities by living temporarily in toxic conditions to save their grandchildren, leading Bible studies, ministering to the afflicted and addicted, and even now by donating a kidney.

It doesn’t matter whether a woman says “yes” to something big or a small; what matters is that she hears and obeys God in what He asks her to do. Obedience looks different in every life, but it will always have enormous ripples into eternity when inspired by the Holy Spirit. The gift and the blessing are possible because of two main factors: 1. Inspiration from God, and 2. a woman’s obedience.

Thank you, Mary, for saying “yes” to God. You can be sure that your faith family will be praying for you.

Love you sister,






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